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Fast, washable
Waterproof, anti cracking, bonding in one of the three flexible protection, construction of good, can be used on the wet surface, no bad smell, environmental health
Technical support, professional guidance
My company has strong technical force, strict testing means, perfect management system, good reputation. Our products are reasonable in price and excellent in quality. We rely on scientific management system and advanced production technology
Printing process
Advanced technology, adhere to scientific and technological innovation On the basis of independent research and development, the introduction of the country's most advanced production technology workers Art, the production of various products have reached the leading level of peers.
Service team
After sales technical problems and product quality problems, our company > will carry out professional tracking guidance, as soon as possible to solve the problem.
About Us

Flying Sublimation printing ink Co., Ltd is a specialized manufacturer of sublimation printing materials , includes sublimation transfer ink for lithography press , sublimation ink for gravure machine , sublimation silk screen printing ink , sublimation digital printer ink and sublimation cotton coating . [更多>>]

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