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What reason impact offset printing products?

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What reason impact offset printing products?

1.Temperature and humidity of the environment. The environmental temperature is too low, the humidity is too big can make the ink drying slowly.

2.The nature of the ink. In general, organic pigments inorganic pigments prepared ink is slow drying, thin the binders than thick binders slow drying, the oil content of more than oil was less ink dried slowly.
3.The diluent and withdrawal Adhesives. The thinner and withdrawal viscosity to inhibit the dry nature of the oil, plus heavy volume should be appropriate.
4.The nature and structure of the paper. Paper acidic, then blot dry slowly. Rough paper surface, loose structure, permeability, facilities viscosity small will promote blot dry, and vice versa, then blot dry slowly.

5.PH value of the wetting liquid. Wetting fluid in hydrogen ion concentration, it will occur with the drying oil in the metal substitution reaction, thereby suppressing drying of the ink on the paper surface.
6.The layout of water. In the printing process, if the layout is too large, not only makes the paper does not absorb excessive moisture extending bulging, and will form an oil in water type emulsion ink, thus affecting blot drying.
7.Desiccant plus let. Desiccant plus put too much, so coarse ink qualitative change, plate dirty Paste, outlets expand deformation, with wool on barbed imprinted difficult to dry.

8.Sheets stacked too high. Large sheets of smooth paper, paper chop stacked too high, the air is difficult to contact with printing ink, is bound to blot dry slowly.


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