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How to use coating on cotton for sublimation printing?

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How to use coating on cotton for sublimation printing ?


Recommendation of using details as below :

1. Silk screen printing coating well-proportionally on blank cotton fabric ( only silk-screen printing on the image area for need to transfer printing is ok , please do this before transfer printing sublimation ink on cotton ). After finishing , make cotton fabric drying . please kindly note to that the thickness of Polyester Coating on cotton will be directly effect the final test result .

2. Then put the printed paper with sublimation ink on polyester coating cotton , and with printed surface facing downwards on the coated surface of cotton .

3. Put both them in the heat press , with 200-230 centi degree and 30-45 seconds , and presure , in this process the sublimation ink sublimates i.e. converts to gaseous form and gets deposited "into" the surface of coated cotton , the final products will be finished .
Friendly Reminder :
1. Don't screen printing coating on cotton too thick , it would have hand feel .
2. After transfer printing image , you can pull and draw the coated cotton fabric , it can change hand feel and then become soft .
3. The fastness of coating is very good , so the fabric will become more soft following the washing , and you don't worry it will fade .
4. If you print bulk fabric , you can use a coating machine , the effect will be better than handwork .


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